HEALTH: Shake, Shake, Shake


EVERYONE, wants gorgeous skin.. men included.
If you are not everyone, then this will also repair last night’s damage very nicely.

Whizz all of the following together in a blender or Vitamix if you are lucky enough to have one!
1/2 a juice box of Coconut Water
Handful of Blueberries + Raspberries
1/2 an avocado
Tablespoon of Coconut oil
Handful of Kale or Spinach Leaves
Squeeze of Lime
Spoon of Green Vibrance (if you have it)

and if that is just WAY to much work, just drink the Coco water. Trust me it works, lots of Potassium and Vit C too. Be nice to your body, you only get one.

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