TRAVEL: Vamizi Island Mozambique

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Vamizi Island off the coast of Mozambique is truly one of the most beautiful places on the earth. The whole experience is best described as Gilligan’s Island gets upgraded to first class.
The owners run a tight ship; everything is UBER luxe, food is sublime (Lobster is treated as chicken, evidenced its abundance on the menu and the fruit&veg burst with flavour) and the service is homegrown.
However, the best part is the attitude; Unpretentious and full of fun. Evenings are spent chatting with the island experts on tomorrow’s dive, fishing expedition, snorkel or swapping stories with the other guests on finding turtles and who caught the biggest tuna.
If you need a time out they will organise a hike to the end of the island where daybeds, lunch (yes lobster) and ice-cold rose awaits. Don’t worry they will pick you up at the end of day.

I felt like I was at summer camp 2.0 – all the those wonderful feeling of freedom and adventure wrapped up in gold standard details and little luxuries. My slice of heaven and AA GILL likes it too. Do you need another reason to go?

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