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A beauty moment with Alison Javora, W Magazine 
Integrated Marketing Director, Beauty Guru and Online Social Editor.

Alison is a veteran of the NYC magazine industry. Classic, timeless beauty and elegance are her bag so grab a pen and make some notes on must have beauty essentials to achieve that polished New York  finish. It’s back to basics for lips, hair and eyes.

CB: What product can you just not live without?

AJ: My Nars lipstick in Lizard Red. It is the PERFECT red and I love the matte consistency. I’ve tried a million reds and berries and this tops them ALL! Wear it with everything. 


CB: If money or time were not a factor what beauty indulgence would you jump for?

AJ: 100% I would have my hair blow dried every morning. Failing that I will settle for my super, duper Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3200 blow dryer.


CB: What’s your beauty bargain of the moment?

AJ: Cover Girl Lash Last Mascara. It does exactly what the expensive department stores brands do, and even better than some. I love the rubber brush as it really does lengthen while volumizing.

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