HEALTH: Ohso Good!

Harvey Nichols ohso 2

I think most people will agree that a little chocolate certainly won’t hurt you and it some cases is actually good for you.
Well I take this claim and raise it with OHSO! This stuff is brilliant. Why?


  • It is packed full of probiotics that are good for your tummy, aid digestion and are three times more effective at delivering your daily probiotics than a yoghurt drink
  • Tastes like ‘proper’ chocolate, so much so I thought I was eating a terry’s chocolate orange.
  • Only 72 calories a bar and you feel like the craving is satisfied with the perfect portion size
  • Has at least 53% cocoa solids per serving


  • Quite a lot of sugar approximately 13g in one serving (Ladies  should have only 50g a day and men 70g)
  • Only available in plain and orange flavours )but both are delish!

Final word
Anything so delicious that will deliver the optimum daily amount  of good bacteria to help support  digestive health resulting in improved immunity and overall health and wellbeing, I say SIGN ME UP NOW!!

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