Desert Glory – Abu Dhabi Delivers

photo (2)

I have christened the UAE  Miami for Euro’s. For one reason only, it might not be the 1st choice on the hit list for winter sun, HOWEVER you can’t beat the fact that it is a convenient 4-6 hours away with most airlines running logical flight times so you can leave after work and be at the pool by 10am the next morning… a civilized manner.

Oman is great, but has some work to do, Dubai is what it is, however, Quasr Al Sarab in Abu Dhabi re-defined my last trip to the UAE and is #1 for the following reasons.

photo (3)

  • Location – A veritable oasis, 2 hours deep into the Empty Quarter, 26 miles from the Saudi Border. The views are stunning and there is NOTHING except desert all around.
  • Food – Quality and quantity shipped in from afar! The black cod was as good at Zuma in London, the Caesar salad  rivaled the best in NYC and where else will you get to breakfast with live falcons?
  • Dune-Bashing –I have never laughed so much in a long time and it got my heart racing like a rollercoaster. YouTube it!
  • Space – There is an abundance of space at the resort, rooms have large terraces, suites have living rooms, terraces and kitchens, villas have it all and a pool to boot.
  • Spa –Resort spas are now all of a very similar and high standard, and Anantara didn’t disappoint, but the treatment rooms!!  Here they overlook never- ending desert terrain with running water features in the foreground. Be sure to ask to have the doors open, the juxtaposition is so very relaxing

photo (4)

PS. Upon arrival ACCEPT the Camel Milk with dates, it’s fantastic and good for you: Climb the dune outside the hotel on your last evening and drink in sunset

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